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Monday, May 22, 2006

NYC Red-tailed Hawk update

I've received some good news from three of the known Red-tailed Hawk nest sites in NYC. The first is from Rich at the Fordham University Rose Hill campus:

Subject: Activity on the nest!!
Date: 5/22/06 7:13 PM

Rob and Chris,
Amazing day watching the nest. The chicks are getting quite big and very active. All three of them walked out of the nest onto the ledge and ventured pretty far from the nest. During the afternoon I got to see Rose return to the nest and feed each of the chicks. Then Hawkeye flew in and Rose fed him some of the remaining prey before he took off again. As always, I am attaching some photos. Hope you find them interesting.

Feeding time at Fordham

(Photo credit - Rich Fleisher)

Marge, who has been monitoring the nest in Green-Wood Cemetery, sent me this note:

Subject: Big Mama is a mom again
Date: 5/22/06 9:37 AM

I wanted to let you know that Big Mamma has one chick. He/she has a nice strong head/neck and voracious appetite. A Nice & robust chick. I have named it Baby Huey for now because of its large stature. Lets hope for a successful fledge. We will keep you posted. Let me know if you want to come in and take a look, either myself, Joe or both of us can meet you.
Best regards,


I'm going to try and get some photos this week of both the cemetery and Prospect Park broods. Regarding the Prospect Park pair, Ralph & Alice has been suggested as names by several folks. It seems fitting for a Brooklyn couple. Finally, you've got to see the photo series on Bruce Yolton's website. A pair of Red-tailed Hawk have nested within the saintly protection on the facaded of The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

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