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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NYC Red-tailed Hawk hatchlings

There was confirmation of red-tailed hatchlings in two more nests while I was out of town. If we have a break in the weather before the weekend I'll spend some time at the Prospect Park nest. I presume that I'll find a chick or chicks at that nest, as well.

"Subject: Photos of the Inwood Park nest (one chick)
From: Christopher Lyons
Date: 5/7/06 6:26 PM

We visited yesterday evening (5/6), and while we all took some photos, it was my friend Lenny who got the best ones through my scope, with his Nikon Coolpix. [...] I think they're fairly self-explanatory--and considering how difficult it was to find a window through all that foliage, they're not bad at all. 

[...] We watched for quite a good while, and we're pretty sure there's just one chick. At one point, both parents were on the nest, but we didn't get a good shot of that. It's only going to get harder shooting through those leaves, I think.

Btw, I found out something pretty amazing--there's an active Red-Tail nest in Van Cortlandt [Park], only a short distance from Jodie and Travis' 2004 nest. I found out from Alex Pirko, who found out by going on a walk led by an Urban Park Ranger. He said the ranger told him the nest was also used in 2005. I had absolutely no idea. We tried to follow his (rather sparse) directions today, and simply couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure it's on Vault Hill, based on what he said. I've emailed Alex for clarification. In the meantime, since he took several good pictures of the nest (which likewise has been successful this year), I gave him your addy, and told him he could get in touch with you to see if you wanted to put them up on your site.

John Young had recently told me that he's been seeing a pair of Red-Tails soaring over the Northwest Woods from his terrace that overlooks the park, and he'd tried to pinpoint where they were landing, but just couldn't figure out where the nest was. We knew there had to be one somewhere. Assuming this is Jodie and Travis (and it's very likely that it is, assuming they're both among the living), they've definitely pulled a fast one on me. I have undoubtedly walked by that nest scores of times without seeing it. (g)"

Inwood Hill Park Red-tailed Hawk nest

(Photo credit - Leonard Abramson)

We were all pleasantly surprised by news of Jodie and Travis continued breeding success in the Bronx.

"Subject: Red-tailed Hawks nesting in Van Cortlandt Park
From: Alex Pirko
Date: 5/7/06 6:16 AM

Chris Lyons suggested that I send you my pictures of the Redtails nesting on Vault Hill in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx now for your citybirder website.

Alex Pirko"

Van Cortlandt Park Red-tailed Hawk nest

(Photo credit - Alex Pirko)

Look for some Prospect Park hawk photos here soon.

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