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Friday, March 31, 2006

Eco-Logic Radio Show

Here's a bit of gratuitous self-promotion. This is my first participation in a real radio show (college radio doesn't count), so I hope I don't say anything too controversial...just kidding. It should be an interesting show. And, yes, that's my real last name.

From: Ken Gale
Sent: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 23:58:21 -0500
Subject: Birding radio show - broadcast, internet-streamed and podcast

Hi, folks,

On Tuesday morning, April 4, 2006 11 AM, I'll be doing a one-hour radio show on birds and birding. I've been producing and hosting Eco-Logic, WBAI-FM's environmental show, for nearly four years and the last birding show I did was Sept. 2002 (although I've covered Project Safe Flight and a few other bird-oriented political issues in between). That 2002 show was a little Manhattan-centric. This time, my panel will include Alexei Kondratiev from Queens, Rob Jett from Brooklyn and Manhattanite Alan Messer, current president of the Linnaean Society. We'll talk about birds and birding, relating being in nature with protecting it. Please tell other bird lists about the show.

The WBAI signal (99.5 FM) is transmitted from the Empire State Building and gets out to New Haven, CT; East Hampton, L.I.; the Pocono's of PA; Trenton and Princeton, NJ and Putnam County, NY. There is a live stream as well and the connection is easy, even with a dial-up modem (it's what I use). Just go to the Eco-Logic web site (below). If the equipment at the station is working, the show will be archived for 90 days on

Happy bird-day,

Ken Gale

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