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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rare Goose Follow-up

This is a follow up to Friday's Foto of the Greater White-fronted Goose for anyone interested in looking for this bird over the weekend. It was originally reported by birder Alex Wilson last Saturday, March 5th. Subsequent searches were unsuccessful until Shane Blodgett found it yesterday at around 10am. Fortunately, I had a little time and was able to run over to Dreier-Offerman Park with Doug and his father, Bob. Below is a map of the area and here's a link to a Google Earth map:

Here's a short video of the goose from yesterday:


Matthew said...

Curses, we didn't find it today, but we got to see the red-shouldered hawk and a couple of killdeer and crawl through a fence like some wayward youth and find hundreds of snail shells.

Rob Jett said...

I went back with Heydi three times yesterday, we also came up empty. Also noted all those snail shells. I believe they are White-lipped Snails (Cepaea hortensis), introduced from Europe.

d - b said...

Hello, first comment. Thanks to these tips I went out to CalvertDreierVauxOfferman park on a wild goose chase and came up empty handed as well. I did see a hawk in left field though, an accipiter (probably a sharpie) in the outfield, and an eastern phoebe exploring a shipwreck. It's a great place and I don't think I ever would have gone there if not for this blog, so thanks.

Rob Jett said...

I love to share the wealth, so it was my pleasure. Thanks for your comments.

Matthew said...

Re: the snails: seems to a be a mix of them, including brown-lipped, C. nemoralis, another European import. Some of them have an umbilicus, which nether brown- nor white-lipped have.

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