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Friday, March 04, 2011

Mutt Goose?

This curious looking goose was hanging out with a flock of Brant next to Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn. I realize that the photo isn't very good, but you can still get a pretty decent idea of its markings. It was the same size as a Brant and everything below the neck looked exactly like a Brant, but the head and neck clearly was not. One fairly obvious guess would be that it is a hybrid Brant x Snow Goose, except that Snow Goose are much larger than Brant. Another possibility would be a hybrid Brant x Ross's Goose, as the ross's is closer to the size of a Brant. We'll never know for sure who its parents are, but it makes for a pretty bird. As for a name, I'm partial to "Snant", but "Brow Goose" or "Bross's Goose" works for me, as well.

UPDATE 3/7/11:

I just received the following note from Shane:

From: Shane Blodgett
Date: March 6, 2011
Subject: snow goose hybrid @ Canarsie Pier

Here are some more pictures of the hybrid Snow/Brant (?) at Canarsie. The 7th photo is of a second individual. Siblings perhaps?

There is certainly some precedent for this combo. See these:

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