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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February Birds

During the month of February I didn't see many new birds but did close the shortest of our months with 14 more species. That is actually 3 more than during the same period in 2010. All were observed in Brooklyn.

I should note that my "January Birds" posting was actually short one bird. My list was created prior to finding a Long-eared Owl in the Bronx. That, plus February's 14 species, brings my New York State total to 108. All but 2 of which are Kings County birds. The only somewhat rare species seen were the Eurasian Wigeon and Common Redpoll. One would expect to see all the other birds at some point during the year. Like last winter, a Barrow's Goldeneye has been seen on the Brooklyn side of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. I went looking for it but came up empty and may try again on Saturday.

95) Snow Goose (Jamaica Bay West--Brooklyn, 02/26/11)
96) Wood Duck (Marine Park Saltmarsh Nature Center, 02/19/11)
97) Eurasian Wigeon (Floyd Bennett Field--Archery Road, 02/12/11)
98) Black-crowned Night-Heron (Hendrix Creek, 02/06/11)
99) Turkey Vulture (Prospect Park--Baseball Fields, 02/14/11)
100) American Woodcock (Green-Wood Cemetery, 02/27/11)
101) Fish Crow (Green-Wood Cemetery, 02/27/11)
102) Brown Creeper (Prospect Park--Peninsula, 02/08/11)
103) Golden-crowned Kinglet (Prospect Park--Lullwater, 02/25/11)
104) Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Prospect Park--Wellhouse, 02/22/11)
105) Cedar Waxwing (Green-Wood Cemetery, 02/27/11)
106) Savannah Sparrow (Plumb Beach, 02/26/11)
107) Common Grackle (Prospect Park--West Island, 02/16/11)
108) Common Redpoll (Prospect Park, 02/20/11)

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