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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Fordham hawk photos

Here are some more photos from Fordham's newest "students":

"Subject: More pictures--from the day after fledging
From: Christopher Lyons
Date: 6/11/06

As of Friday evening, there was still only one fledged eyass. Friday morning, the fledgling was perched on top of a large bush in front of Collins Hall, right by the steps to the main entrance. She was allowing numerous people (myself included) to get within a few feet of her. No major magnification was needed for these shots--people were taking pictures with their PHONES. But her only reaction to the paparazzi was the occasional disinterested stare. When I came back around noon, she was nowhere to be found. But later that day I heard from a co-worker that she was now up on the roof of Collins Hall, so she's definitely learning fast. When I got there, she had actually ascended to the very peak of the pediment she'd flown from the day before, calling loudly to her parents for food as they passed overhead, while her siblings for once were forced to look up at their older sister."

"Made it Ma! Top of the World!"

(Photo credit - Chris Lyons)

(Photo credit - Chris Lyons)

(Photo credit - Chris Lyons)

(Photo credit - Chris Lyons)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fledgling update!

Do you have any news about Big Mama & SF in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn? Didn't they also have a nest this year?

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