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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Green-wood Cemetery update

Green-Wood Cemetery

(Photo credit - Google Earth)

Here's a brief update on the Red-tailed Hawks in the Green-wood Cemetery:

"Subject: Re: Big Mama and family
Date: 6/14/06 8:44 PM

HI Rob

Big Mama, Junior & Baby Huey are doing great. (We will be re-naming Baby when he fledges). When I was there on Sunday, neither Big Mama or Junior were on the nest, but "Baby" was there flapping around inside the nest. I did not observe him standing on the ledge yet exercising his wings. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long enough to watch Big Mama & Jr come back with a meal. Baby is still looking downy. Joe Borker was there on Monday and was able to see through his scope the head feathers now coming in through the down.

I will be there on Saturday and again on Monday hopefully with Joe to get a good look through his scope. Im holding a good though for a successful fledge!

All the best

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