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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Nest building already

Autumn Japanese Maple

(Photo credit - Rob J)

Yesterday Nancy Tim told me that during the week she spotted Big Mama and Split-tail collecting branches in the trees on Payne Hill. They then proceeded to add some new material to last year's nest!

Today, while on a field trip for the "Nature of New York" class that I'm taking, I took a brief detour to show everyone the nest tree. While standing near Rick's Place we heard the familiar "keeeer" of the Red-tailed Hawks. A pair were circling each other just above the tree tops of Payne Hill. A few minutes later I walked up the short rise towards the Tulip tree that they used for their nest last year. As I approached the base of the tree I spotted Big Mama just as she flew from a branch next to the nest. We walked up to the top of the rise where I sat and watched them last year. Through an opening in the yellowing foliage we could see that their nest had some new construction on it.

After three years and three locations it appears that Big Mama and Split-tail have finally found a tree that they like.

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