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Thursday, July 01, 2021

A Few Pics From Around the Cemetery

Here's a few highlight photos from over the past 10 days at Green-Wood Cemetery:

"Don't look at me!"
Wondering what that pervasive, sweet fragrance is all around your neighborhood? Linden trees...
Wildflower in the mangosteen family.
Common Whitetail dragonfly.

Eastern-tailed Blue butterfly on white clover.
One of a very large family of long-legged flies.
One of my favorite, non-native wildflowers - Deptford Pink.
Osprey at the Dell Water looking for a quiet place to eat his fish.
Pineapple Weed at Sylvan Water. Step 1-pick some of the flowers. Step 2-crush it between your fingers. Step 3-raise to your nose and take a deep breath.
Snapping Turtle breeding season is here. Found this small female on the road next to the Sylvan Water.
Monk Parakeets have discovered this apple tree near Sylvan Water. Yum...
Ladybug beetle. One of the good, non-native species of insects in our area.
A female American Goldfinch on her nest in a Sweetgum tree.
A male American Goldfinch munching on coreopsis.
A Murder of Crows.
One of the smallest Differential Grasshoppers I've ever seen.
A "scary" Great Golden Digger Wasp sipping nectar from a butterfly weed flower.

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