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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Treehugger Tuesday

This week's Treehugger Tuesday posting is about an interesting website. It is called "Eco Market" and has been described by some as "Etsy for Eco". From their website:

Eco Market is an online marketplace where you can buy natural products directly from the sellers that make them and get to know each seller and learn about the story behind each product we sell.

Since the site launched in October 2010 it has grown to be the home of over 1,300 sellers across the world, and thousands of unique products ranging from Fairtrade coffee, to handmade natural soap, to up-cycled tshirts.

The website also simplifies the often complicated process of shopping ethically by explaining what each products ethical credentials and certificates mean. Shoppers can also learn more about each seller by interact with sellers reading interviews and interacting with them via the sites own social network, where they can learn more about the story and people behind the products they buy.

Our goal as a company is not only to give (often small one man band) sellers a platform to sell products but also to give consumers all the tools and information they need to demystify ethical shopping, and to create open debates about key issues that will help shape our planet.

They sell some cool, responsible products. Check it out.

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