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Monday, March 11, 2013

February Birds

During the month of February I didn't find anything really unusual around the borough. With Winter winding down it's not generally a month for exciting discoveries. The overwintering waterfowl are starting to feel the pull of Spring as their plumage changes and they begin courtship. Some species numbers drop off, while others, Wintering farther South, briefly stop off in the area as they head North.

I only added 8 new species for the year, which is about half of my average. On the other hand, I tallied slightly more birds than expected during the month of January. The rarest sighting was of a Common Raven, although as this species expands to repopulate its historic range, I think we will be seeing more of this huge, intelligent corvid in the near future. All the other birds I observed last month I would normally see during the course of the year.


NYS total: 115
Kings total: 113

106) Black-bellied Plover (Salt Marsh Nature Center at Marine Park, 02/02/13)
107) Savannah Sparrow (Salt Marsh Nature Center at Marine Park, 02/02/13)
108) Hermit Thrush (Floyd Bennett Field, 02/02/13)
109) Common Raven (Green-Wood Cemetery, 02/03/13)
110) Fish Crow (Prospect Park, 02/06/13)
111) Eurasian Wigeon (Floyd Bennett Field, 02/10/13)
112) Black Scoter (Coney Island, 02/16/13)
113) Ring-necked Duck (Green-Wood Cemetery, 02/18/13)

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