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Friday, June 10, 2011

Prospect Park Hawk Fledged

I went to Nelly's Lawn in Prospect Park to check on the pair of young Red-tailed Hawks. Only one was still in the nest tree, the second one having fledged. Max was keeping a close watch on the area from the top of nearby "Elizabeth's Tuliptree". There were several robins making alert calls from the dense stand of trees just to the north of the tuliptree, but I couldn't find the object of their concern - presumably the young red-tailed who had left the nest. The calling robins formed a loose circle surrounding a large European Beech tree, and two squirrels made "chuck squeal" danger cries from the beech's lower branches. The canopy is so dense in that area, however, that the hawk would have had to move or call for me to find him. At one point Nelly returned to the nest to check on the younger of her two offspring. She arrived empty handed (taloned?) and the juvenile whined in disappointment. I waited for signs of the second offspring for 90 minutes but had to leave before I was able to locate him.

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Ben Bohen said...

I checked out the nest on Sunday and saw both young sitting on branches near the nest. They then both flew off at the same time.

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