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Friday, June 03, 2011

Another Nesting Red-tailed Hawk

An interesting email was forwarded to me yesterday. Apparently, another pair of Red-tailed Hawks have decided to raise a family in New York City. This time, in the Bronx.

From: Copernico Mora
Sent: 6/2/2011 1:06:40 P.M.
Subj: Hawk in my apt window

To whom it concern:

My name is Copernico Mora. I live in a 6FL building in [the Bronx]. Over the past few weeks, a hawk had decided to build a nest in my window. The nest is on top of my AC. To my amazement, not only has it build a nest but also laid two eggs. I have left the hawk alone nor I have interrupted it. I'm writing in concern that it is in a 6FL building and that I don't know how strong my AC can hold the nest with two grown hawk. I have tried to contact the Bronx Zoo and have got no response from them. If you can please contact me at [ ... ] I would really appreciated.


I sent the email off to Bobby, who then called the gentleman and reassured him that his air conditioner was likely fine. Hawks may look very large, but birds in general don't weigh very much. The lucky man now welcomes this wonderful experience. Hopefully, he will continue to update us and send some more pictures if the hawks are successful.

It is very unusual for Red-tailed Hawks to begin nesting so late in the season. Most of our city's hawk families already have fledglings or will within the week. Below are two photos from Copernico.

April 28th, nest building begins:

May 29th, two eggs laid:

1 comment:

Starz723 said...

That is just so cool. I wish I had red tail hawks nesting on my AC. Im so glad he is in contact with you and Bobby. I hope he continues to update us and give them names.


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