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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nesting Red-tailed Hawks Update

The Red-tailed Hawks that are nesting on Prospect Park's "Nelly's Lawn" for a second year have good news. They have two very healthy (and very large) offspring on the nest. The two birds were doing a little "hop-flapping" when I stopped off at the nest yesterday. Based on their size, I'm guessing that they are about 7-10 days away from leaving the nest. After that they will still be hanging around Nelly's Lawn and, specifically, Elizabeth's Tuliptree for a while longer.

At the Ravine nest, Alice & Ralph seemed to have struck out. This was their 9th year at that nest and there doesn't appear to be any sign of offspring. Strangely, I witnessed them copulating in a tree along Center Drive last week, which could indicate that they want to try again. I've never seen that behavior so late in the breeding cycle of our Red-tailed Hawks, so it's difficult to be sure. Later this week I plan to check on Big Mama & Junior's nest in Green-Wood Cemetery.

1 comment:

Starz723 said...

As of today, Ive noticed only 1 chick in Big Mama and Jr's Nest. It is still deep inside the nest and not as mature as the Prospect chicks.


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