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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hawks and Poison

The blog "Pale Male Irregulars" just posted an important piece about the use of poison in city parks. It is dangerous to both humans and animal, exacting a terrible toll on our resident Red-tailed Hawks. Read the entire piece here and be sure to send a note to the parks department through the link at the end of the post.


Alex Washoe said...

I volunteer at a wildlife rehab facility, and we frequently see raptors come in who have been poisoned. Year before last, four bald eagles came in who had been poisoned when a rancher euthanized a cow and then didn't properly bury the carcass. The eagles ate the cow and they were all poisoned. One died, the others recovered. We need to think very far down the food chain when we consider how dangerous poisons can be.

Starz723 said...

This is my biggest fear for our raptors. That was an extremely disturbing post for me to read about red tail hawks we all knew and now know they are dead because of rat poison. I hate those poison bate boxes. We must educate and spread the word to stop using them.


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