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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

April Birds

During the month of April I added 37 more species to my year, bringing the total to 162. All were found in the borough of Brooklyn.

As one would expect, April started off slowly. Within the first week, there were clear signs of the songbird migration, but I only managed to add 7 new species. Through the middle of the month, myself and other birders were beginning to become concerned as there hadn't been any real big northbound push. Through the second and third week of the month, there were no surprises and I extended my list by only 13 species. A singing Bobolink in Prospect Park was a great addition as these increasingly rare birds are seldom found in my local park.

The month ended with a change of temperature and a nice south wind. I was fortunate enough to get into Prospect Park early that morning and experienced a phenomenal fallout of birds. Over the course of just a couple of hours I added 16 species of birds; 10 of which were wood-warblers.

126) Pine Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/02/10)

127) Laughing Gull (Dreier-Offerman Park, 04/03/10)
128) Tree Swallow (Dreier-Offerman Park, 04/03/10)
129) Gray Catbird (Narrows Botanical Gardens, 04/03/10)

130) Great Egret (Plum Beach, 04/05/10)

131) Palm Warbler (Greenwood Cemetery, 04/06/10)

132) Glossy Ibis (Greenwood Cemetery, 04/07/10)

133) Green Heron (Prospect Park, 04/09/10)
134) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Prospect Park, 04/09/10)

135) Louisiana Waterthrush (Prospect Park, 04/14/10)

136) Blue-headed Vireo (Prospect Park, 04/17/10)
137) Northern Rough-winged Swallow (Prospect Park, 04/17/10)
138) Barn Swallow (Prospect Park, 04/17/10)

139) House Wren (Prospect Park, 04/21/10)
140) Hooded Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/21/10)

141) Chimney Swift (Prospect Park, 04/24/10)
142) Brown Thrasher (Prospect Park, 04/24/10)
143) Black-throated Blue Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/24/10)
144) Black-and-white Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/24/10)
145) Northern Waterthrush (Prospect Park, 04/24/10)

146) Bobolink (Prospect Park, 04/27/10)

147) Broad-winged Hawk (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
148) Eastern Kingbird (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
149) Wood Thrush (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
150) Blue-winged Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
151) Nashville Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
152) Northern Parula (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
153) Yellow Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
154) Black-throated Green Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
155) Prairie Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
156) American Redstart (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
157) Worm-eating Warbler (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
158) Ovenbird (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
159) Common Yellowthroat (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
160) Scarlet Tanager (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
161) Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)
162) Baltimore Oriole (Prospect Park, 04/30/10)

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