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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Queens Hawkcam

Jeff Kollbrunner's Red-tailed Hawk webcam in Queens is up and running. The veteran parents are currently feeding three hatchlings at their nest.


T said...

Hi, sorry this comment is a bit off topic. I'm not sure if you know about the pair of red tailed hawks that are building a nest in McCarren Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We've seen what appears to be the female gathering nest materials, today we saw what we think is the male hawk as well. They are nesting in the lights that light the track on the south east side of the track section of the park. We hope the Park Department leaves them alone!

Rob Jett said...

Not off topic at all. Thanks for the heads up! I'll go check it out this week.

balletbull said...

Rob, Thank you for putting a link to the nest on your site. I'm am glued to my computer watching the chicks and their devoted mother. Until I can fly, I don't think I'll have such a great view. Valerie

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