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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brooklyn Bobolinks

Yesterday I spent about an hour in Prospect Park at noon. I ran into my friend John and we birded our way down to the lake. We were walking back to the road from the lake when I heard a very strange, yet familiar, sound coming from the adjacent meadow. John and I were at first puzzled by the jumble of loud sounds because we only caught a very brief piece of the song. I thought that it might be a Bobolink, which is rare for Prospect Park, but also considered that it was a mockingbird we had seen earlier. We scanned through a mixed flock of robins, starlings and cowbirds feeding in the grass. Approximately 10 minutes passed when we heard the entire song. It was a Bobolink and he was singing from a Ginkgo tree at the edge of the meadow. After a few minutes the bird flew towards the trees near the Wellhouse. He was followed by three other Bobolinks. These birds have a very complex, unique song that, once heard, is difficult to confuse with any other .

Listen to a BirdNote® report on Bobolink Migration:

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