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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Red-tailed Updates

I haven't seen much activity around the Prospect Park nests, but I have a few Red-tailed Hawk updates from other locations.

The first report is from
Richard Fleisher in the Bronx:

"[...] Rose has found a new mate (I've given him the name Vince after Fordham Alum Vince Lombardi) and the two of them have been very busy fortifying the old nest on campus rather than the one they used last year in the [New York Botanical Garden]. I assume that she will start sitting on the nest in short order."

The second observation comes from Ben Cacace. It was part of his more detailed report of birding on Staten Island this past Sunday:

"Around Clove Lakes Park a pair of adult Red-tailed Hawks were spotted. Both were carrying nesting material to a nest. They were seen mating. Hope this is a successful nesting season for them."

In Queens, Jules reports from Astoria:

"Atlas and Athena seem to have chosen a nest site for 2010. The site is very close to the 2007 nest which is on the south side of the bridge behind the tennis courts. It's about 20 feet over and slightly higher than the old nest. It's underneath the roadway and is on a set of 3 black pipes (there are large road signs on that section of the bridge so these pipes might be for electricity to those signs? just a theory). Atlas and Athena attempted to build their last year and then moved to the north side of the bridge. The sticks they had laid there last year are still there so they're building. Robert saw Athena jumping up and down on it today."

Finally, there's very little activity in
Green-Wood Cemetery. Big Mama and Junior generally begin nesting a little later than most of the city's red-tails, so I don't expect to see much happening for a few weeks.

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