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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leucistic Robin

A leucistic American Robin has just returned to his breeding territory in Prospect Park. Each year in late-March this pigment-challenged robin claims his nesting area adjacent to the Upper Pool. I first photographed him in the early Spring of 2008. Over the last couple of weeks migrating robins have begun returning to our area in preparation of the nesting season. This white-headed individual is very specific in his nest preference and can be found in the stretch of small trees and shrubs at the northwest edge of the pond. He also forages at the adjacent hillside beneath a stand of mature elm trees. American Robins are short distant migrants and, after the breeding season, may travel as far south as the American southwest, Mexico, and the Gulf Coast. I wonder if anyone south of New York City has photographed this unusual individual during the winter.


Colin Purrington said...

I found one in Swarthmore, PA on March 6 2012. Similar to yours, but I don't think it's a match. It _would_ be cool to track these birds.

Ryan M said...

I think I saw our friend here by Dog Beach in Prospect Park yesterday, March 23rd 2012. I have some pics of its right side if you were interested in comparing features.

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