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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Upstate New York

It looks like I won't have time to recount my Labor Day vacation in upstate New York. That said, here are some photos that I took over the several days we spent visiting family in the town of Windham.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Fragile Forktail

Eastern Forktail Damselfly

Garden Phlox

New England Aster

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Updated info -
I just received the following from my friend Steve:

The Convergent Ladybug Beetle looks like a Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle. The side view of the pronotum is white but on Convergent Ladybug Beetle it should be black with pencil thin white edges.

Convergent Lady Beetle:

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle:

The unidentified damsel looks like a male
Fragile Forktail. There is an interrupted green stripe on the top of the body forming an exclamation point.

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