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Sunday, January 21, 2007

New York Times Article

(Photo credit - Rob J)

Several months ago, I was contacted by writer Paul Berger. He was writing a story for the "New York Times" about the Red-tailed Hawks in Brooklyn. I gave him a tour of Prospect Park, shared my experiences with our local hawks and introduced him to Marge and Joe, who watch the hawks in Green-Wood Cemetery. The story just came out in today's city section.

-Click here to read "Love, and Death, Is in the Air"-

I guess it would be kind of silly for me to continue using the vaguely anonymous "Rob J" signature. ;-)


Pamela said...

awwww. tough little bugger.
Maybe it has gotten bird insanity and forgot to fly away.

I wonder if a person can buy heated hummer feeders giggle.

I have a heater in my bird bath -

jnfr said...

Very nice article, Rob. Congrats.

bklyn'r said...

Today (1/28) we were amazed to see 2 red-tail hawks at Green-Wood Cemetery. The first one was near to Sylvan Water and was tightly holding onto a squirrel he had just killed. This red-tail was so motionless that some people nearby were completely unaware of its presence. (Looked for the red tail, but couldn't see any red. Perhaps it was a juvenile?) The other red-tail was not too far away up the hill perched in a tall tree. This hawk appeared considerably larger than the first. It was a real treat to see them close up instead of as vague images soaring high in the sky!

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