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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ivory-billed Woodpecker found

There has been extraordinary news that a previously thought extinct woodpecker was actually located in Arkansas. Here is a National Geographic report:

-Click here to see the movie-


Erik said...

I'm sorry this comment is only related to your post by virtue of my having seen a rare bird that I need help identifying. Yesterday morning in the forested island in Grand Army Plaza I saw what I can only describe as an albino yellow-billed cuckoo as it was entirely white, though its bill was not so curved and it was all yellow. It's body, wings and tail were definitely without any markings at all. I don't know what color its legs were. It was chased off by a mockingbird or maybe they were frolicking together. Have you seen anything like this around here?

Rob J. said...

Geez, that's a weird one. Could it possibly be a leucistic mockingbird? How did the size and shape compare to the mockingbird? I'll be back in Brooklyn tomorrow and will scout around for it.

Erik said...

It's shape and size were very similar to a mockingbird's. I found one picture of a leucistic mockingbird online and that one had grayish faint markings and a black bill. This mystery bird was all white with a yellow bill, as yellow as a gull. I hope it shows up again!

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