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Thursday, March 03, 2005

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk

(Photo credit - Rob J)

Newbie wrote the following comment in my last post:

"Juvenile Red-Tails in Owl's Head Park in Brooklyn? Now you have me wondering if the "Cooper's Hawk" I saw on the fire escape was really a juvenile Red-Tail. My Audubon book only shows the back of the Red-Tail (displaying the red tail). However, the hawk I saw didn't seem to have a red tail. But he appeared bigger than a crow and had yellow eyes and heavy barring on the chest. However, this bird's body looked more tapered than photos I've seen of Red-Tail's."

Young Red-tailed Hawks actually have very different proportions than the adults. Their tails appear longer and their wings shorter, giving them a more accipiter-like, tapered look. Note also that their tail is not red yet but brown and barred.

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