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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Trying to find the fledgling hawks

I circled Payne Hill and Sullivan Hill three or four times but couldn't find Bebe or Alto. It's possible that they were just perched quietly and I overlooked them. If they were close by the squirrels and songbirds didn't reveal their location. Maybe they've wandered farther away from the nest tree than I anticipated. Tomorrow I'll check east of their nest woods in the Midwood forest. While I was searching I heard muted, high-pitched peeps at Rick's Place. I tracked the sounds to a pair of Wood Thrush fledglings. The two stubby tailed thrushes were cautiously climbing about in a sweetgum sapling two feet off the ground. Later one of the adults flew passed me with a bill full of food. I also spotted a small flock of House Finches in the Bald Cypress at the Ambergill. The flock was mostly adults but also contained three or four fledglings.

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