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Friday, June 25, 2004

After this morning's fun

Robin and I were supposed to go to one of my client's company picnic in the park after work. When we got there we found out that it was cancelled so we decided to pay a visit to Bebe and Alto.

They weren't in the vicinity of the puddle but we heard some commotion near the stairway at Battle Pass. It's a short walk away and Robin spotted Bebe almost immediately perched in a tree to the right of the stairs. He was whining. A moment later Alto flew down to the ground from her perch above Bebe. We followed down a steep dirt path towards the Midwood. Halfway down the hill I told Robin to stop and look to her right. Alto was sitting on the ground a few feet to Robin's right with a partially eaten pigeon in her talons. She stared at us with her hackles up and mouth open so we backed off and watched her eat from a safe distance. Bebe, who had flown to a branch above Alto, begged for a bit of bird but I got the impression that she wasn't in a sharing mood.

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