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Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday's Foto

The Golden-crowned Kinglet breeds in boreal and montane forests in North America's far north and west. They usually begin their southbound migration relatively late in the season during the month of October. Despite being only slightly larger than a hummingbird, this hardy species can survive -40 degree nights. They are regularly recorded around NYC during the annual Christmas Bird Count. Golden-crowned Kinglets can be found in a variety of habitats during migration from orchards to tree-lined streams, as well as, urban parks. They prefer conifers. Primarily insectivores, they eat tiny insects, spiders and insect eggs. Occasionally they will seeds, sap, and fruit. I usually hear their high, jingling, "tsii tsii tsii" call well before I see this hyperactive bird. The IUCN Red List conservation status is "Least Concern". Their scientific name is Regulus satrapa; regulus meaning royal or regal. Satrapa refers to a Persian viceroy. Perhaps they wore a golden feather crowns.

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My Pen Name said...

So glad you posted this - I saw them in prospect park today (I have never seen one, or at least, identified one, before) - going through both peterson and sibley, i determined that this is the bird i saw

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