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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birds of Green-Wood Cemetery

I've spent a lot of time birding in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery over the past few years and recently began collecting photos of some of its resident birds. Here are some of those photos (in taxonomic order). Be sure to scroll to the bottom as I'm constantly updating with new finds:

The old world spelling, perhaps.

Not quite a bird, but I liked the name.

I'll add more in the future as I find them.

Here's an update from July 2015:

Here's an update from October 2015:

Here's a Reeve, also from October 2015:

Here's my first "Fish Hawk" for Green-Wood from March 2016:

Here's a new addition I spotted in November 2016:

Spotted in December 2016. I was kind of hoping to read a family member named "Hermit", "Wood" or "Varied":

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