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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Foto

Birds aren't the only animals migrating right now. I found this Red Admiral perched on a lower rung of the railing at Coney Island's "Pat Auletta Steeplechase Pier". The early chill on Monday had this butterfly with badly worn wings waiting for warmer temperatures before continuing its flight south. I carried it to an overgrown field where it had a better chance for food and warmth.


Catharine Kendall Hannoosh said...

Question for you. I saw two injured small birds this morning on Prospect Park SW near Bartel Pritchard Square. Do you have any advice about what to do when you see injured birds? One looks like a chickadee but more taupe with a small yellow fleck on it's crown. The other is similar to a sparrow, but solid brown on top and white on bottom with brown speckles on the chest. I have some photos. Also, do you think they are migrating and were injured by flying into the window of the tall apartment building above where they were found?

Rob Jett said...

It sounds like a Golden-crowned Kinglet and Hermit Thrush. Both are migrating through the area and probably hit one of the building's windows. Call 311 and they will direct you to the proper service. Check my Wildlife Rescuers page here -

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