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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Goose Reunion

...sort of. As a follow up to the Snow Goose story, I brought Marge over to Coney Island Creek to look for her possible former ward. Our hope was that it would hear her voice, remember the care she gave this goose from 2005-2009 and come running (with a sappy orchestral crescendo playing in the background). Apparently those things only happen in the movies.

We quickly relocated the Canada Goose flock with the lone Snow Goose feeding on the field at Six Diamonds Park, across Coney Island Creek from Mark Twain Junior High School. Marge slowly approached the flock and began calling "Mommy", her name for the goose with the bent wing. At one point it appeared that the bird recognized her, even calling a few times, but then went back to eating grass. Marge thought that, perhaps, the goose just couldn't hear her. I didn't think that was the case and remarked that the deceased over in Green-Wood Cemetery could probably hear her. A minute later a raptor flew over the field and the panicked birds all flew off to the safety of the creek.

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Starz723 said...

I really think that was Mommy. All the characteristics fit. The sloped wing and her moment of recognition when hearing my voice, as if she went "hmm, that sounds familiar". After all its nearly 2 years now. Perhaps Mommy was trained like "Pavlovs Dogs". My distinct voice was associated to food. Birds may not have the brain to remember like certain other animals do. Nevertheless, it made me happy to know if it was indeed Mommy, she is alive, looks well and is thriving with her adoptive family of Canada Geese, just like in Green-Wood Cemetery.

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