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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Treehugger Tuesday

This past Sunday a Long Island village banned the use of a certain type of plastic bag. From NBC-NY:

Southampton Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect Sunday

The ban was passed by the village board in April
Saturday, Nov 5, 2011

Plastic bags will soon be a rare sight in Southampton Village stores.

The ban on plastic bags passed last April takes effect Sunday, prohibiting the thin plastic bags often seen in groceries and drugstores.

Plastic bags of a heavier weight, as well as those used for produce, are exempt from the ban, reports Newsday. Stores may still offer paper bags, though officials prefer that reusable bags are used.

Fines for violating the law can be up to $1,000.

Most residents and environmental advocates approved the ban, reports Newsday.

Southampton Town's sustainability coordinator, Liz Plouff, told in June the ultimate goal is to have consumers bringing their own bags to shop.

Some other local municipalities, like East Hampton Village and Southampton Town, have started to consider the same ban on plastic bags, says Newsday.


I think the ban should include ALL plastic bags, but this is a start. San Francisco and Los Angeles county have already enacted similar laws.

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