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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Non-Raptor Release

I just received a note from Bobby about a recent pair of patients he and Cathy helped out at WINORR.

These 2 young foxes were rescued about 2 months ago. We got a call from a parks worker that these 2 were barking for days in the bottom of a storm drain that they fell into and couldn't get back out. The mother even tried digging around the cement box to retrieve them to no avail. It was getting dark and after a half hour of me digging and prying on the sewer cap I went to the local fire house for assistance. They in turn called dept. of public works who dispatched a worker who we knew and together we broke the weld that held the lid in place. When I climbed in to get them I discovered the carcasses and skulls of 3 other siblings who were eaten by these 2 starving youngsters. They were ice cold, wet, smelled horrific and had massive round worms, just to start. It was at a small public park in Glen Cove and at very high tides the bay backed up into this storm drain. It's a miracle any survived at all. [...] Cathy bathed and hand fed the smaller weaker one for days not knowing if it was going to make it. We separated them for a while to give the runt a chance and it eventually caught up. A very happy ending last week!

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