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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Story with a Better Ending

Fellow hawk-blogger and friend, James O'Brien, had an encounter with a juvenile Peregrine Falcon that had a positive ending. The website "Animal New York" just posted a great story entitled "NYC Bird Watcher Saves 'Juvie' Falcon From Imminent Death". Being the fastest animal on the planet isn't very useful when you don't know to get out of the way of traffic. Thanks to James' quick actions, the falcon was given a reprieve and, hopefully, will live a nice long life. It's hard to tell from the photos who is more happy, James or the bird.

Photo: James O'Brien

by Rob Jett for "The City Birder"


Yojimbot said...

Ha, nice one! Thanks for the link Rob and sorry to hear about the eyass in Greenwood Cemetery. There's still lots of broods still waiting to fledge, so hopefully there will be more positive news.


Mona said...

i love happy rescue stories. this is great news.

Adam said...

BTW - just for the record - the bloke holding the bird in James's photo is me, Adam Welz. James has the sense to shave a little more often...


Rob Jett said...

That would explain why I didn't recognize him from the photo ;-) James and I have emailed back and forth for a long time, but met for the first time while looking for the Scott's Oriole at Union Square Park.

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