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Monday, November 26, 2007

The squirrels are out to get me

I swear, they must be following me around. You might get the impression that there are no birds in NYC parks, only squirrels. My "brilliant" selection of Birdcam placement was, yet again, a flop. I put the camera in a spot where I have seen various species of waterfowl resting on the shoreline ... for years! It sees so much bird foot traffic that they have worn out a small section of shore right down to the dirt. The week that I chose to place a camera on the shore, not one bird, duck or otherwise, passed anywhere near the camera. I am 0 for 3. This is who filled up the memory card in the camera -

I have a good idea. Stay tuned for my next attempt.

by Rob Jett for "The City Birder"

1 comment:

Anni said...

Good job with the NYTimes piece about Ridgewood Reservoir!

This Massachusetts resident must also post personal thanks to you for your past blog about the black-capped chickadees at the Elizabeth Morton National Wildlife Refuge. I visited 2 weeks ago, with seed, and was thrilled to enjoy the company of about 30 chickadees. Thanks so much!

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