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Friday, October 06, 2006

Breakfast visitor

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on roof

(Photo credit - Rob J)

While eating breakfast this morning I noticed a hawk on the roof of an adjacent building. By the brown, banded tail I could tell that it was a young bird. One of Ralph and Alice's offspring? It's impossible to tell but one things for certain, he'll get rid of the pigeon flock hanging around our roof.


Marge said...

Lets not forget about Baby Huey. He could venture into your neighborhood, or might he be in for some competition?


mtheiler said...

I like the citybirder blog, quite interesting. I live up in Alaska and I really enjoy birding and we have all kinds of neat species of birds up here.
I run a halibut fishing charter and do eco tours out of Homer, Alaska. We end up going out to a neat rookery with thousands of birds. Keep up the good birding in NY

Marc Theiler
Alaska Classic Adventures

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