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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Red-tailed Hawk Progress Report

I just received an e-mail from my friend, Janet, regarding the hawk family in Green-Wood Cemetery:

Hi Rob--

I was never able to find the two Green-Wood [cemetery] redtails once they left the nest--I tried several weekends.

Today I found one--looking very robust, perched not too far from the nest site, and piteously crying incessantly. I actually wasn't sure if both of the young were in the tree--or if the one was just a fantastic ventriloquist. It wasn't opening its mouth and was making no discernible movement in its throat. So at first I thought its sibling must also be in the tree. but I couldn't see it. I also couldn't see the first one after it moved further into the large maple, so maybe they both were there.

I hung around for a little while under cover of a weeping birch to see if the lunch wagon would pull up--but no further activity except continued crying.


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