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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Prospect Park, Central Park and Inwood Hill Park

According to Marie Winn's website Central Park's "Pale Male" and "Lola" have been incubating eggs since March 8th. Big Mama and Split-tail have been exchanging places on their nest since March 18th. The pair using the Ravine pine tree nest in Prospect Park have been incubating eggs since about March 13th. I don't have any information on the annual nest in the Green-Wood Cemetery yet but will check it out this week.

I also just received the following e-mail from Barry F. -

"Two weeks ago, Rita and I went to Inwood Hill Park (northern Manhattan) for a look at the nest that has been used for the last several years by Red-Tailed Hawks. Its unkempt appearance and the fact that, using only binoculars, we could not see a bird on the nest led us to the sad conclusion that the nest was not in use. (I think we made the same mistake last year.)"

"Today, with scope, we saw a red-tailed adult on the nest, engaged in incubation. At one point, she (I presume) stood up and turned 180 degrees before settling down again. The side of the nest visible to us from across the soccer field (ENE?) still looked disheveled but I suspect the center has been made habitable. Good luck, mom and dad!"

City rodents should be very wary come mid-April!

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