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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Prospect Park with Sean S.

In February of 2002 I began my first Red-tailed Hawk journal. I was motivated by a pair of hawks building a nest next to the roadway near the 3rd Street playground. Among the many highlights that season was a daring tree squirrel that I named "Squirrely Knievel". He seemed to enjoy tormenting the hawks and his various exploits included leaping over the occupied hawk nest. Somehow, he managed to escape the dinner menu. Late this afternoon, when I returned to Brooklyn, I walked over to the nest where I met Sean taking some photos. He related a familiar story.

He began by saying, "I think Squirrely Knievel has a cousin." While he was waiting for something to photograph a squirrel climbed up the tree and nosed around on the nest. Big Mama and Split-tail were perched nearby at Rick's Place. They had just copulated and their post-coital bliss was disturbed by that sneaky squirrel. Big Mama took off and charged at the uninvited visitor to her nest. The squirrel scurried about 20 feet down the tuliptree but Big Mama followed and made a couple of close passes before giving up. I guarantee we haven't seen the last of this dispute.
- - - - -
Prospect Park, 3/9/2004
Ring-necked Duck (3, Upper pond.)
Bufflehead (2, Upper pond.)
Hooded Merganser (3, Upper pond.)
Red-tailed Hawk (3.)
Merlin (Next to ponds.) [Sean S.]

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