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Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Favorite Owl

Marge relocated the cemetery Great Horned Owl. I went back with her the next day and was able to take some nice photos.

Most owls are very good at remaining hidden, but this one has managed to elude us for the better part of three years. I never divulge the exact locations of the owls that I observe around the city and rarely even mention the park. In the case of the cemetery owl, I feel confident that even though I've revealed that it is in Green-Wood Cemetery, you'll still never find him. We've also made it a point to tell the 24 hour security patrols and landscape management department about the owl and the importance of protecting him. On Thursday, while I was taking some pictures, Marge drove to the main office and lead Bobby, the head of security, back to see Bubo virginianus. On the surface, Bobby is a stereotypical tough, retired NYC Sergeant of Detectives and I imagine that he has seen just about everything in this city that never sleeps. As he peered into my scope I watched his cool, restrained expression change dramatically. His eyes widened like saucers, as if he was mimicking the owl. He said, "How did you manage to see him?!" Even he was affected by the sight of this magnificent bird.

Several years ago I read an interesting book by Bernd Heinrich entitled, "One Man's Owl". There are some challenging, as well as, very funny moments during the author's three years with a Great Horned Owl. After reading the book, the word "Bubo" still evokes images of this powerful hunter visiting the author's cabin and gently tapping on his bedroom window.

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knithound brooklyn said...

Oh, he is magnificent!

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