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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Birding in Peace 2019

Here's a short slideshow video of some of my Green-Wood Cemetery "Birding in Peace" walks species from 2019. We observed a total of 153 species on our walks in 2019.

Most photos are courtesy of Evan Rabeck, but there are also a few from Jim Demers and Michael Yuan.

Here's a list of the species in the video.

1) Black-capped Chickadee21) Black-throated Blue Warbler41) Northern Flicker61) Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2) Blue Jay22) Common Yellowthroat42) Eastern Kingbird62) Grasshopper Sparrow
3) Canada Geese23) Ovenbird43) Forster’s Tern63) House Wren
4) Tufted Titmouse24) Rose-breasted Grosbeak44) Great Crested Flycatcher64) Blue-headed Vireo
5) White-breasted Nuthatch25) White-throated Sparrow45) Monk Parakeet65) Swamp Sparrow
6) Downy Woodpecker26) Wood Thrush46) Belted Kingfisher66) Carolina Wren
7) American Woodcock27) Yellow Warbler47) Great Egret67) Eastern Bluebird
8) Yellow-bellied Sapsucker28) Yellow-rumped Warbler48) Prothonotary Warbler68) Dark-eyed Junco
9) Red-breasted Nuthatch29) Eastern Whip-poor-will49) Red-eyed Vireo69) Eastern Towhee
10) Eastern Phoebe30) Gray Catbird50) Great Blue Heron70) Northern Mockingbird
11) Ring-necked Duck31) Osprey51) Cape May Warbler71) Merlin
12) Brown Creeper32) Magnolia Warbler52) Nashville Warbler72) female Hooded Merganser
13) Pine Warbler33) American Redstart53) Red-tailed Hawk73) Bald Eagle
14) Brown Thrasher34) Red-winged Blackbird54) Common Nighthawk74) House Finch
15) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher35) Common Raven55) Winter Wren75) Mourning Dove
16) White-eyed Vireo36) Turkey Vulture56) Palm Warbler76) American Robin
17) Common Grackle37) Scarlet Tanager57) Yellow-billed Cuckoo77) Cooper’s Hawk
18) Blue Grosbeak38) Green Heron58) American Kestrel78) Red-bellied Woodpecker
19) Baltimore Oriole39) Black-crowned Night-Heron59) Field Sparrow79) Opossum
20) Black-and-white Warbler40) American Robin (fledgling)60) Golden-crowned Kinglet


Gordon said...

While I am disappointed the video did not have all 153 (which is quite a good number) thanks to you Rob for putting together a really nice video start to 2020.

Rob Jett said...

I considered it, but would have made for a very long video...

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