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Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday's Foto

Unlike most of north america's vireos, who have subtle coloration, the Yellow-throated Vireo is brightly plumed and fairly easy to spot as it forages slowly in the canopy. Similar in markings to the Pine Warbler, it can usually be separated by its thicker, hooked bill and complete yellow spectacles. Generally heard before they are seen, their song is a slow, burry up-down "3a, 3a". Listen:

Wintering in the tropical lowlands of Central America, Bahamas, and Caribbean to northern South America, this trans-Gulf migrant usually arrives in the New York City area in mid to late April before continuing north to their breeding grounds.

Despite population declines the IUCN Red List lists their conservation status as "Least Concern".

Their scientific name, Vireo flavifrons, means small green migratory bird, yellow-fronted.

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