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Friday, December 05, 2014

A Rare Sparrow for Brooklyn

Brooklyn is on a roll this year. In addition to the "uber" rarities seen around Kings county in 2014, my birding buddy Heydi just spotted a very scarce sparrow.

In early-October of 2012, while walking a rarely birding section of Floyd Bennett Field, I spotted a Le Conte's Sparrow. I posted about it here. This skulking sparrow is rarely seen during migration, primarily due to their mouse-like behavior. This was one of only a handful of sightings for this species in Brooklyn. The section of habitat next to the water forever became known as the "Le Conte's Spot" ... well, to Heydi and me anyway.

Last Sunday history repeated itself when Heydi spotted another one in that area. This individual, however, was much less skittish and over the course of two days put on a great show for dozens of people. When I got to see it there were around 20 people circled around its preferred feeding spot, being cautious not to step on it:

When I tell my non-birding friends or family that I saw an incredibly beautiful sparrow, they usually look at me like I have two heads. Then I show them a Le Conte's Sparrow. Here are a couple of photos of the bird at Floyd Bennett Field taken by my friend Sean Sime. Enough said...

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