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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Astoria Fledge News

This weekend Jules Corkery posted the following note about the Astoria, Triborough Bridge hawks:

From: Jules Corkery
Date: June 14, 2009 6:07:53 PM EDT

Subject: Triborough Bridge Nest graduates a fledgeling

Early this morning we saw one of the triborough bridge babies venture out onto the metal pipe only to wobble a little and get himself back onto the nest. All three babies were fat and comfy this morning looking out onto their world.

We went back around 12:15 this afternoon and parks staff were scrambling to get a box in which to put one of the little guys who moments earlier had flown off the nest. He glided north across Hoyt Avenue North - into the trees that surround a small section of paved area that people use as a volley ball court. (A few years ago one of the fledges landed in the same area and spent a few days hanging out of the 2 rows of fencing that separate the pavement area from the row of backyards on the next street.) The wind was blowing east and it's lucky that he didn't glide any further east as he might have landed on 21st Street!

There was a volley ball game happening and the only person to notice any of the chaos was a young boy of about 10 years old. Fortunately, the little fledge got himself to the ground and was nicely situated in the strip of land between the two fences - it's about 5 feet wide and 50 feet long and overgrown with grass and weeds. However, he was very close to 21st Street and if the volleyball players had realized he was there they could have easily spooked him out into traffic. So, the little guy was boxed up, put in the truck, and the rangers were called. We witnessed this from a fair distance away as we didn't want to add to the bird's distress and because of this we never got a close look at him. What we could see was that he was definitely upright and alert. I also called Park's central headquarters just to make sure that in all the confusion they actually got a call. I understand that the Horvaths will be taking him in for a while.

Good luck, you guys!

It looks like the construction of the new fencing around the deep end of Astoria Pool is completed. I would recommend releasing the fledge in the same area in which last year's fledges were released. This area remains a relatively quiet part of the park, has high tree cover, and is accessible to the high diving board (or should I say high dining board). Max, the District 1 Manager of Queens Parks & Rec, is on vacation right now so I'm not sure who could tell us if there are other plans for construction at that end of the pool. Regardless, Atlas and Athena will be glad to get their little one back in the care as soon as can be.

Talk to you all soon!


Here's Bobby's follow-up:

From: Bobby Horvath
Date: June 14, 2009 9:00:11 PM EDT

Subject: Re: Triborough Bridge Nest graduates a fledgeling

The parks personel called me about this fledgling and they delivered him to my firehouse as I was unfortunately at work today. Cathy came and picked him right up , brought him home and he's fine now , just a bit stressed but thats to be expected. Theres no simple solution to these early fledges besides waiting to replace with the siblings when the time is right. It could be dangerous to the remaining siblings to attempt to replace to the nest at this advanced stage so for now just one out is better than 2 or 3. Hopefully they stay long enough till better flighted such as the Briarwood youngster that Jeff has been following. From day 1 that bird was spotted on rooftops taller than where he originated from. The blog shots of the Riverside young also show good exercise oppurtunites as well for those. Certain sites will continue to pose problems for early fledglings. The Unispere young we have are ready to go back and now I was told the last fledgling recently left with the parents. I will need to locate them first so I can replace the 2 closeby. I've asked parks to try to find them. I'll advise the group when we have the chance to reunite them. It could be even tomorrow or Tuesday.


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