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Friday, April 12, 2013

Help Save Those Who Save Wildlife

I've posted many times on my blog about the great work that Bobby and Cathy Horvath do rescuing animals. Their non-profit organization, Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINORR) is now under attack by an unscrupulous town supervisor. They have only until next Tuesday (April 16th) to find a new place for the animals that they rescue. Read about it here and here. The story was also just covered tonight by CBS News.

Please sign this petition to allow them to continue their great work. You can also write the town supervisor here:

Commissioner Ippolito
Department of Planning and Development
74 Audry Ave.
Oysterbay, NY 11771

Here's the CBS News video:

1 comment:

Unknown said...

How can he turn his back on the most helpless of all animals... wild and injured... who else is there to care for them? These people put their hearts into this and they are getting no help from the authorities?? Are their COMPLAINTS?? I DOUBT IT!! Time to make Venditto HOMELESS come next election day!! Kick the HEARTLESS bum out!!

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