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Monday, November 09, 2009

Raptor News

I just received a report from Bobby Horvath regarding recent patients and a new hawk that was just brought in:


From: Bobby
Subject: Red-tail News

Letting you know that Animal Control just dropped off here an adult, light-eyed, male Red-tailed Hawk that had been trapped in the attic of St. Agnes Church at 499 Sackett St., Brooklyn. It had been stuck inside there for 5 days. The maintenance people there opened a window but it didn't open enough for the bird to get back out and it flew into it hard enough to break it. It got in through a roof vent. Inside the attic there are many pigeons, dead and alive, and it actually came in here with a full crop. [...] it was still able to fly somewhat in this huge standup attic before being caught by CACC personnel. The conditions in the attic were terrible and it made for a dangerous situation for humans. They did an excellent job netting him. It looks disheveled from the ordeal but, baring any injuries, it can be released nearby probably early next week. We'll band him and give him back to CACC who can release either there or at Prospect Park which they say is nearby. No way of telling if this is a resident bird or someone passing thru but to be safe I'd rather put it back in the neighborhood it came from. I doubt he'll return to the same place after his short stay. At least not flying into the building (hopefully). The saw-whet that came in from Manhattan a few weeks ago is doing great and will be released in a few days. The red-tail with the cut talons is outside now, eating on her own and remaining pretty calm so hopefully the wing heals well.



St. Agnes is located about 6 blocks from Prospect Park, so I'm wondering if it is one of our resident males, Max or Ralph.

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