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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Birds, Botanics and Butterflies

Here's some highlights from the previous week:


Mourning Dove family portrait at Green-Wood Cemetery.
Red-tailed Hawk family portrait in Green-Wood Cemetery.
Yellow Warblers still hanging around Green-Wood Cemetery. A possibility that they will stay and nest here.
My Mourning Warbler...
As usual, Chipping Sparrows are nesting in good numbers at the cemetery.
Found this hybrid Brewster's Warbler on a day trip to Sterling Forest State Park.
Blackburnian Warbler glows like a hot ember.

White Pines sprouting new crop of cones.
One of many species of hawkweed. Probably not a favorite of the landscape department at Green-Wood Cemetery.
Clammy Locust is a new one for me.
Eastern Tailed Blue seen at Sterling Forest State Park.
Painted Lady looking lovely.
Silver-spotted Skipper, also seen at Sterling Forest.
One of the tiny skipper family of butterflies. I think this is a Zabulon Skipper. Seen at Dell Water in Green-Wood Cemetery.

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