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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Treehugger Tuesday

New York City Rooftop Solar Energy Potential

According to Boston-based startup Mapdwell, by using an advanced solar mapping tool developed at MIT they have identified New York City rooftops as being able to generate 4.7 gigawatts of solar energy. From their website:

Mapdwell Solar System™ New York City is the first website for all New Yorkers to discover their solar potential, explore their options and connect with local installers, making solar exciting and straight-forward.

Solar System is the most advanced online rooftop-solar tool available, providing detailed and accurate information to over 8 million New Yorkers across the five boroughs, and helping businesses and home-owners visualize their solar opportunity and take action.

The New York City project covers over 1 million buildings and identifies 4.7 gigawatts of high-yield photovoltaic potential, capable of delivering over 5 million megawatt-hours per year. This is over $18 billion in local business that could provide enough clean, renewable energy to 475,000 American homes while offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to planting over 70 million trees. Mapdwell wants to help New Yorkers work with the sun!

Solar System provides the community with an effective model for crowdsourcing the clean energy economy and creating value through distributed generation. The platform allows for users to connect with local installers by sharing their solar reports, simplifying going solar and enabling customers and professionals to speak the same language.

Mapdwell – the leader in urban solar mapping – works to support communities across the United States and abroad in promoting education, spreading knowledge, and increasing adoption of renewable energy sources.

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