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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another Brooklyn Red-tailed Hawk Nest

I received an email from my friend Bob's wife the other day. She had news about a nesting pair of Red-tailed Hawks in Midwood, Brooklyn:


From: Robert
Subject: RE: New Neighbor in West Midwood
Date: June 14, 2015 9:38:37 PM EDT

Pic taken on Rugby Road just north of Ave H.

According to neighbors, nesting in tree on Argyle just north of (Avenue) H.

This is bigger of two. Able to fly about 3 house lengths now. Still calling mom for food. About a month old, according to neighbors that have been watching and have actually become a little blasé about it.

This is Bob's wife - btw. Not a birder but I got so excited when I heard about them. And then saw him/her. Took many pics. Saw mom but too quick for pic.


It is uncertain why two of the seemingly most desirable Brooklyn locations were vacant this year, but two new, less than ideal spots were successful. To give you an idea of the unlikely surroundings for this particular Red-tailed Hawk family, here are a couple of Google Earth images:

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