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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Red-tailed Hawk Rescue

I just received a note from Bobby Horvath of "Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation" regarding an injured hawk in Brooklyn.


From: Bobby
Subject: "Pip" or little male Green-Wood adoptee rescued
Date: February 28, 2014

I wanted to let you know today Animal Care and Control Brooklyn picked up an injured banded Red-tailed Hawk from Ocean Ave and Church Ave, Brooklyn around 3:00 pm. They called me at work and delivered it to me around 6pm. From the band (#1967-05898) it is the tiny male we released in June 2012 in Green-Wood Cemetery that was accepted by the resident family as you both witnessed. He has blood in his throat and head trauma indicating a collision with something but nobody saw anything. He's in decent flesh and good feather, meaning it was a recent incident and was probably doing fine before this. He's got light eyes but already a full red tail, but those tiny thin legs and feet are unmistakable. He's on pain medication, antibiotics and activated charcoal to combat possible poisoning if that is a contributing factor to his accident and neurologic state. He's in bad shape as I write, but its only been a few hours and the next few days will tell more. He's made it to adulthood close by the area we left him and proved he's a survivor. Time will tell.



"Pip" is a Red-tailed Hawk that was hatched in a nest in Prospect Park in 2012. That season the poor thing either fell from the nest or was a bit overanxious and tried to fly too soon. Bobby's rescue and rehabilitation was successful, but since he was the only offspring for the Prospect pair that year, during the rehab period the parents left the nest area. Bobby's solution was to place him with the Green-Wood Cemetery hawk family, where the parents would raise them as their own, ensuring him at least a fighting chance for survival. You can read my posting about that rescue and release here. Let's hope this is only the second of nine lives for this Red-tailed Hawk and he recovers from his injury. I'll keep you posted.


Wabi Sabi said...

I just stumbled into your blog and I would love to get it delivered into my email or my reader. I don't see an option to do that? Thanks

Rob Jett said...

I'll add a button this week.

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